We provide onsite massage to businesses and their employees. Today’s fast-paced workplace makes it challenging for employees to get out of the office and rejuvenate during the working hours, so we come
onsite to minimize the time away and make more time for revitalization during the work hours. We have worked with many small businesses and large corporations over the years in delivering onsite massage.

Here’s how it works:
– We will travel to your place of business and set up our equipment and materials needed to deliver onsite massage to your employees. All we ask from the business is that we have the appropriate amount of space (10’x10’) to deliver a quality massage
– Sessions are fully clothed to expedite timeliness and typically last 10-30 minutes

Benefits to the employee and employer:
–  Our sessions have shown to increase productivity and employee satisfaction while decreasing the risk of on the job injury and costly insurance expenditures
– Some of our clients employ Corporate Massage as part of their Wellness Program, an incentives package, or Benefits Program